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Table of Contents

  Executive Perspective     Opportunity for a Home Repair Project     Construction Update
  Opportunity is a Vacant Lot     Upcoming Events     East Trenton Center Spotlight
  ReStore     Volunteers Rock!        

Executive Perspective

From the desk of Tom Caruso…

The summer is almost upon us and we continue to make progress on our projects in Trenton (7 homes) and Ewing (3 homes). We are excited and hope you will join us and work next to our new homeowners as they complete their sweat equity.

We have not seen this load of building in many years. It will require your support in the form of donations, what we call unrestricted funds. This allows us to keep the lights on and pay the professional staff. There are many way to give. In addition to cash, did you know you can: donate stock; sign up for your company’s employee match program—a perfect way to double your donation; remember Habitat for Humanity of Trenton in your will; or set up a life insurance policy with Habitat for Humanity of Trenton as the beneficiary. If you choose a non-cash option please contact an accountant to find out the latest IRS rules and ways you can maximize the donation to Habitat while getting the largest deduction for you.

We need YOUR help to increase the non-restricted funds.

Tom Caruso
Executive Director
Habitat for Humanity of Trenton
Serving Mercer County

Donate online at www.habitatta.org


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Opportunity for a Home Repair Project

Repair Projects are under way!
Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative—that’s a lot of syllables for a pretty basic concept. We believe that Habitat for Humanity should do more than just build homes—we should work to improve the conditions of existing communities as well. That’s why we are focusing on two new programs, A Brush with Kindness (ABWK) and Critical Home Repairs (CHR). Both programs help Mercer County residents who own their own home, but are in need of a little extra help to fix or maintain it.

Our CHR projects are geared for higher level work, like fixing a porch, repairing siding, or replacing flooring—anything that is affecting the health and safety of a home. These projects are repaid over 5 years with a 0% interest loan. Hamilton homeowner, Jacqueline, has hit some difficult financial times, and cannot afford to hire a contractor to repair her crumbling front porch, a hazard for her two young boys. Once permits and funding are approved, Habitat Trenton will utilize volunteers to replace the porch and make Jacqueline’s home safer for her whole family.

  Roy (center) with volunteers and Bob Hertman (top left).

Our ABWK projects are designed to help with more simple projects. This is ideal for elderly or handicapped who are unable to paint, landscape, or do other small projects that maintain the value and health of their home. One of our star volunteers, Bob Heitman, recently led a group to re-paint the inside of Roy’s home—Roy is living with Cerebral Palsy, and therefore cannot complete this project himself.

All homeowners in Mercer County are encouraged to learn more about applying for a home repair— applications and more information are available on our website, www.habitatta.org or by calling 609-393-8009 x228. To donate/sponsor a project call 609-393-8009 X 226 or to volunteer for a project call 609-393-8009 X 228.

Become a Habitat Volunteer
You Can Make a Difference!
Become a Habitat for Humanity of Trenton area volunteer or donor. Get involved in:

• ReStore volunteers (Customer Server and ReStore Floor)
• Committee and interest group volunteers
• Partner support volunteers
• East Trenton Center volunteers
• Donate construction materials, furniture and household appliances

Call 609-503-4257 today or Volunteer NOW!

Volunteer Now!

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Construction Update

Great news!!! The City of Trenton Planning Board and the Mercer County Planning Board have verbally approved the final Site Plan, Grading Plan, major subdivision plan going from 6 lots to 7 lots and the preliminary architectural conceptual plans for the 7 house complex at the 500 Block of North Clinton Ave. in the middle of May and the written approvals expected in early June. The final architectural drawings are in the process of being completed with the construction documents expected to be finalized and ready to be sent out for bids to major material suppliers and licensed contractors by the end of June. The bidding phase is tentatively scheduled to be completed by the end of July. Once the bidding process is complete, the building permit requests get submitted to the City of Trenton building code officials. This process can take at least 8 weeks which tentatively puts us in the October time frame to be authorized by all local and state authorities having jurisdiction to begin construction. Please stay tuned for construction status updates on our website.



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Opportunity is a Vacant Lot


This fall, Habitat for Humanity of Trenton is anticipating breaking ground on the construction of 7 new homes in East Trenton. Six of these homes will be built on abandoned lots. We see these lots not only as an opportunity to build new homes, but a chance to build new lives through hard work, dedication, generosity, and hope.

Habitat for Humanity of Trenton’s goal is to build affordable housing in low-income areas, especially in East Trenton. The concept to do so is quite simple; volunteers and Partner Families work hand in hand towards the construction of a safe and decent Partner Family home. These Partner Family homes eventually become entire neighborhoods, with homeowners sharing a vested interest in their community. Pride and a safer way of life are restored to a once blighted area. Using this basic principle, for the past 27 years over 87 homes have been built right here in your county. For hardworking, low-income families, the opportunity of home ownership creates a sense of true accomplishment for both themselves and their families, and helps break the cycle of poverty.

The generosity of caring individuals is what makes our mission possible and this coming year, our affiliate has made the commitment to build 7 new homes in Trenton. However, in order to accomplish this task, we need to raise an estimated one million dollars. Please help us reach this goal! Together we can empower families to not only build their own homes, but to turn their dreams into realities. Regardless of its amount, the opportunity your donation will provide for a low-income family is enormous!

To donate online go to www.habitatta.org



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Upcoming Events

Aside from the excitement of the 7 new homes on N. Clinton Ave., the 3 new homes in Ewing, and the new mural and products at the ReStore, Habitat for Humanity of Trenton has several other fun activities coming up:


Annual Fall Event
Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014
6:30-9:30 at the Greenacres Country Club
Ticket price is $250.00 per person

It will be a wonderful evening complete with food and beverages, opportunity to meet one of Habitat’s partner families, announcement of the Rev. Dave McAlpin honorees, dancing, silent auction, and fun for all. Some of the wonderful Silent Auction items that will be available are: a week in the Pocono’s; a home for week in Colorado; a Photo Realism print by Charles Bell entitled “Viking Strikes”. A large “THANK YOU” goes out to the following board members who have already agreed to host a table at the event: Farian Abedin and Greg Brennan, Simin Syed, Rev. Dave McAlpin, Doug Oines and Ruth Kingsbury, Chris Warkala and Jonah Pascucci, and the HYLP group. To host a table, be a sponsor, purchase tickets, or get more information, please contact Lacreda Riley at 609-393-8009 X 226 or by email dev@habitatta.org.

Trenton Half Marathon & 10K Run
Saturday, Nov. 8, 2014


Habitat for Humanity of Trenton is asking you to join us in our mission of eliminating substandard housing in Mercer County by “RUNNING FOR FAMILIES.”

Raise $250+ in support of your participation. 100% of the proceeds support Habitat’s build initiatives. Register at:


If you don’t feel you can run or walk the marathon or 10K, please consider supporting us by signing on to www.crowdrise.com/trentonareahabitat and making a donation. There is no easier way to show your support with 100% of your donation going to Habitat for Humanity of Trenton.

For questions please contact Lacreda Riley, Development Director, 609-393-8009 X 226 or dev@habitatta.org.

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East Trenton Center Spotlight


This issue I just want to say “Thank you” to my co-workers and the many volunteers who, with their time and thoughtful donation made it possible for us to keep the food pantry open during the long, tough winter. The number of families served each month now exceeds 600. East Trenton is one of the most underserved neighborhoods in Trenton. These families rely on the donation from the pantry to help them get through each month so “Thank you, Thank you, Thank you”.


Also a big "Thank you" goes to the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton for the wonderful Easter Party for the neighborhood children. 65 children attended and had a wonderful time.

Thanks all of you,
Liz Leonard
ETC Program Coordinator

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Stop by the ReStore and check out our new mural. This piece of urban art was created by Will "KASSO" Condry of the SAGE Coalition. This group of artists, based in Trenton, is dedicated to initiating, planning, and establishing inner-city beautification projects. Our AmeriCorps VISTA staffer's son is featured in the new mural.


Each day is new and exciting at the ReStore as additional items become available daily. If you are looking for a piece of furniture to refinish, cabinets for your garage or laundry room, furnishings for that new summer get-away, or you just want to be creative, there is something for you at the ReStore! Hours are Wednesday-Saturday 9-4. Looking forward to meeting you at the ReStore.

To make a donation today, Call 609-218-6863

To volunteer today, visit www.Habitatta.org/volunteer.

DONATE NOW! Volunteer Now!



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Volunteers Rock!


As a part of Habitat for Humanity of Trenton’s Neighborhood Revitalization focus, the Roberto Clemente Softball League’s Herzel Field were given a face lift. On June 8, 2014, under the guidance of Dan Santa Lucia, Construction Coordinator, volunteers scraped and painted the benches as well as replaced the roof and repainted the dugout. On June 8, 2014, the League presented Dan and the volunteers a plaque for this beautification work and our partnership with the League.





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