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The Situation
The client lacked nominal market penetration beyond several established regional markets. Though its recycled products were primed for market expansion in an environmentally-focused era, Homasote’s brand was unfocused and suffered from inconsistent marketing.

The Fix
CMA strategically overhauled Homasote’s brand identity to power its marketing direction into the company’s second century by preparing a Marketecture™ analysis session, as well as market research including a nationwide survey for their primary target audiences. A new, contemporary logo and brand design was created featuring an earth image and leaf with water droplets to reflect the company’s moisture control and earth-friendly product benefits to complement its re-branding as the “premium performance alternative” to higher priced competitors. Print advertising in architectural, construction and green building trade media positioned Homasote as the solution to the main sources of construction lawsuits—inadequate sound control and mold. A new corporate capabilities brochure was created with an inside back cover pocket to hold individual product sell sheets. CMA executed an outbound effort for clients and prospects via a bi-monthly e-newsletter, as well as a robust public relations effort focused on sharing third-party product testing and securing case studies in industry trade media to achieve greater consumer awareness. The rejuvenated sales and corporate communications tactics resulted in a transformational impact in the marketplace and on the company’s bottom line.