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Advertising for Medical Practice in Princeton

advertising for medical practice in PrincetonIf there’s one thing that’s true in life, it’s that change is the new normal. But don’t fret — change can be good, be it a new coat of paint in your home or a haircut. Change can reinvigorate what’s become old and stale and it can bring back sparkle and excitement. If you are feeling a little “blah” about your practice’s overall look and feel, why not consider a refresh for advertising for medical practice in Princeton? Bring a sense of excitement through creative and strategic advertising!

There are many ways to improve your advertising for doctors office in Princeton, and sometimes the most effective thing you can do is implement a simple, yet powerful, logo refresh and brand update. Simply put, refresh your company logo. Why, you ask? A logo is how your patients and others identify your practice. It’s the most visible representation of who you are and when a refresh is done effectively, it can evoke powerful feelings, strengthen the brand of your entire medical practice and show a strategic change in direction, new leadership or another major shift.

Advertising for Medical Practice in Princeton Lessons

But before you embark on such an endeavor, you will need to evaluate your current branding —your logo — to determine if this is the right decision for your specific practice:

How long has your current logo been in existence?

How consistent is your branding? Are you using the logo on all of your marketing materials, emails and social media channels?

Is your logo effective? In other words, are you reaching your desired target market?

Does your logo reflect what you want it to?

Has your practice undergone major changes in leadership or services offered?

Is your logo recognizable?

Now, when you’re done answering these questions, look at the responses objectively and ask yourself, is it time for a brand refresh? A refresh can be a great opportunity to solicit feedback from patients, employees and others about how your current logo represents — or doesn’t represent —your brand. And remember, a brand is one important aspect of advertising for medical practice in Princeton. If you do decide to proceed with a brand refresh, encourage your employees to participate in the process, as it offers a great team-building opportunity for your entire staff and will no doubt provide valuable insight about your practice’s goals and ideals. Think about the image the practice wants to evoke and represent and then work to have the branding match that. You want patients to associate your logo with the mission of your medical practice. And once you are able to do that successfully in the Princeton geographic region, you’ll open your doors to a whole new group of prospective patients. It’s a win-win situation.

Consider the following during your brand refresh as a way to get your creative juices flowing:

Who is your ideal customer?

How old is this ideal customer?

What do they value?

How do they view health and wellness?

When people discuss your current logo, do their descriptors match what you want your practice to reflect?

What are the essential services you offer to your patients?

Remember that there may be generational differences. Baby Boomers may view things differently than members of Generation X and both may see things differently from members of the Millennial generation. Men and women may value different things from a health care provider as well. Are children likely to come into your office? If so, consider their viewpoints as well. You will want to make sure that any rebranding effort results in your new logo resonating with current and prospective patients. Otherwise, you will risk losing them and that will affect the bottom line of your medical practice.

Rebranding your business —or advertising for medical practice in Princeton— is not an admission that you failed with your previous logo. It is simply an acknowledgement that your practice has changed and evolved over time, a natural evolution that every organization undergoes.

Let us examine one brand refresh in particular. The American Red Cross is more than a century old. It rebranded within the past several years and the new logo shows the iconic red cross within a button “symbolizing the personal participating of volunteers, employees and supporters in the Red Cross mission,” according to an announcement from the non-profit organization. “This new identity is designed to appeal to both long-time Red Cross supporters as well as an entirely new generation of volunteers and donors, who are eager to show their affiliation with the organization.”

The organization’s rebrand shows its desire to be seen as modern, authentic and innovative, in addition to being recognized as a symbol of hope in the face of crisis and disaster.

You can translate this kind of strategic thinking to your own advertising for medical practice in Princeton. And remember, while it’s important to be creative with your new logo design, a medical practice’s branding should always be professional, simple, clean and to the point.

Sometimes people think a logo and a company’s branding are silly. But those people would be mistaken. Branding identifies what your medical practice is all about, the services it provides and its promise to patients and the community. Any business wants those messages to be crystal clear, but it may be even more critical for a medical practice. That’s because prospective patients often do a significant amount of research before choosing a doctor. They think about where to go, what the practice has to offer, along with a look at the practice’s physicians and the credentials of each. Going to a doctor is not like buying a widget at the store — it’s a personal experience and people want to feel comfortable with any new doctor they may choose. If something does not feel quite right during a patient’s research, they will probably be turned off and look to go somewhere else. There are a lot of other choices for medical practices in the Princeton area, so having a brand that is up-to-date will give your practice a leg up on the competition.

Think about a brand refresh as an opportunity for a strategic review of your entire medical practice. It is a chance to refocus your entire team on your mission, examine your core values and objectively evaluate your branding and the meaning behind it.

That being said, when doing a brand refresh for advertising for medical practice in Princeton, consider keeping it somewhat recognizable so that people who knew the old one will not be completely surprised. The American Red Cross kept the iconic cross and their organization name in the logo, and simply added some modern and strategic touches. But anyone familiar with the old logo would recognize the new one.

So when you are considering a brand refresh for advertising for medical practice in Princeton, your existing employees and patients should be able to recognize the old branding, but also see how it has been updated.

Good Luck!