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How to Refresh Your Logo Using the Latest Design Trends

By Erin Klebaur, Director of Marketing Services

Customers often base their perceptions about a business on its logo. Therefore, a logo should align with a business’s core values, as well as keep pace with what it represents. It also needs to resonate with the customer, which will vary depending on different factors including—if your target audience is millennials or boomers, consumer or B2B, and/or U.S. or globally based. All of this, coupled with staying current with the latest design trends, could be a challenge for many businesses.

A business will need to refresh its branding through a logo redesign for many reasons. They range from just wanting to give it a facelift because it’s outdated, to doing it out of necessity because of new product and service offerings, change in leadership, different vision and mission, or a merger/acquisition, to name a few.

Ogilvy recently announced, after 70 years, that it rebranded itself following nearly two years’ worth of restructuring moves, staffing changes and new financial reporting standards, in addition to the usual ins, outs, ups and downs of the ad world. The rebranding included a new visual identity, logo, color scheme and positioning, which were based on key values determined by its leadership. The company revised its logo font, along with a brighter Pantone red and a subtler palette including grey, pink, blue and yellow. These developments symbolize Ogilvy’s desire to modernize, while adhering to the principles that made it stand out in the first place.

Here are some design trends to consider, when refreshing your business’s logo:

Utilize a unique layout, like word or letter stacking.

One of the most dominant trends for logotypes is strategically placing words or letters on top of each other, below and/or side-by-side to create a unique layout, as well as make long phrases easier to distinguish. This trend was big in 2016-2017 and has continued this year. The condensed format is also ideal for businesses that have longer names. When the letters are stacked, the font essentially becomes your entire logo. Letter stacking works well with contrasting colors and is an effective way to get the attention of your current and potential customers. Refer to the Jersey HVAC Pros logo below, as an example.

Create trust and customer loyalty with a seal of approval or armor.

Logos imitating seals, emblems and/or stamps became popular in 2017. With this treatment, the text can appear inside a circle, although there’s no rule that the seal should be circular, or a semicircle. The colors are more established, as these types of logos are associated with heritage and endurance. This kind of logo also creates a sense of trust and loyalty with the customer.

Use a tagline to communicate your brand message.

The use of a tagline, as an element of the logo, has been on the rise. It’s not surprising, considering that the tagline is an added element of the logo that can solidify the brand message or vision and be the take-away with your target audience in the marketplace. In addition to the visual identity, it’s effective to have a tagline or promise with it. The tagline should be short, catchy and memorable. Consider using a complimentary font, rather than the same one, for the logo and tagline.

Creative Marketing Alliance (CMA) utilized many of these trends in the logos it created on behalf of its customers listed below. The agency was recently recognized with a Jersey award from NJ Ad Club and an ASTRA award from NJ Communications, Advertising and Marketing Association (NJCAMA), for logo designs.

Jersey HVAC Pros

CMA created a logo for Jersey HVAC Pros, an alliance of renowned commercial heating and cooling, and industrial refrigeration contractors in New Jersey. The goal was to create a brand to unite 135 of the highest-quality commercial service contractors throughout the state. The logo design encompassed word stacking and a tagline. CMA also created a seal of approval, using a symbol that represented the five pillars in which the alliance was formed—Trust, Expertise, Reliability, Return on Investment and Accountability. In addition to the logos, brand guidelines and key messaging were developed. The campaign was complete with a website, branding videos, digital and social media marketing, email marketing, search engine optimization, and content marketing. Results included 564 leads in five months.

Nottingham Insurance

This 100-year-old insurance agency worked with CMA to refresh its logo and tagline, to showcase its different areas of expertise. CMA created a shield of armor icon for Nottingham Insurance, which infers strength, protection and stability. It was a bit old school, with a contemporary twist. CMA employed a dynamic tone-on-tone split, which created a three-dimensional symbol. The fonts also show a similar contrast, with a more classic serif font Brighton, which evokes a feeling of warmth and a simple graceful charm of its letterforms. The nested tagline is in a more complimentary, contemporary and geometric font—which is another design trend—Futura Condensed.

Abel HR

Abel HR, a family-owned and operated Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that offers human resources and benefits administration services to small to mid-size companies, retained CMA to clean up its logo and develop a new tagline. CMA modernized its existing logo and tagline, utilizing the latest design trends, including word stacking, complimentary colors and a catchy tagline, “Your HR Friends with Benefits,” which pushes the envelope in the B2B space. CMA used complimentary, as well as traditional colors and fonts in the logo and tagline, to offer a nod to its history, while giving it a modern twist with the tagline.

When it comes to logos, it’s important to remember that an effective logo not only should accurately represent your brand, vision and mission, but also stay abreast of the latest design trends. This will ensure that your branding will resonate with your customers’ needs, along with catching their attention and differentiating your business from its competitors. There are a lot of elements that go into designing an effective logo, so it would benefit you to work with professionals who have expertise in logo design, as well as brand strategy.

Is your logo getting attention and results? Is it due for a redesign? Do you have an interesting story to tell on this topic? We’d love to hear from you. Please share it in the comments below.


Erin Klebaur is the Director of Marketing Services at Creative Marketing Alliance. To ensure that you are successfully managing your brand, it would benefit you to work with professionals who are experts in marketing. CMA can help! Contact us at 800-852-4269 or email us at