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Key Brand Strategy for Medical Practice in Princeton

brand strategy for medical practice in Princeton

The year is already almost half way over. Think back to New Year’s and what resolutions you had set for your medical practice. People use the start of a New Year as the perfect opportunity to take a glance back at their organization’s past year and evaluate what worked, what didn’t, what could be improved, and what new ideas to bring to the table. Most people set a New Year’s resolution and give up on it within the first few weeks. Did your organization fall into this very common dark hole? We’re here to tell you that a well thought out, killer creative brand strategy for medical practice in Princeton can be your savior and can make all the difference in your business’ marketing initiatives. There is still time left to salvage that New Year’s resolution you set back in January. However, this is also a key time to either brainstorm and craft your new marketing resolutions and initiatives or to revisit previous ones that you truly want to implement and focus on. By using some easy brand strategies for the rest of the year it can help make your resolutions successful. It will ensure that you continue to work on and improve your organization.

We’ve created some resolutions to implement throughout the whole year to help continue your organization’s marketing success in 2016. Rule number one is no slacking! Resolutions tend to be put on the back burner to tend to other important issues and objectives in business. By doing this, we tend to become our own worst enemy. We’re here to be your champion in this journey, and to help you become your own champion, as well.

One main resolution to apply for the rest of the year is trying to further your brand awareness to outsiders. For example, your social media presence is a great way to do this. It is an extension of your brand and should be treated that way. Patients want to connect with your medical practice that are current and generate content in real time. Social media allows for this ability for followers to comment back and keep updated with what is happening in the company now. If your medical practice has added a new doctor to its staff, social media allows for a great opportunity to tell your followers, create that connection, and show that you have pride in your organization in order to elevate your brand strategy for medical practice in Princeton. People will feel more comfortable going to your practice if they know who you are. Visiting the doctor’s office already possesses a negative stigma that instigates a sense of fear and anxiety. However, through social media you can open the door for patients to learn about your staff’s personality and become comfortable before even walking through the door. Social media can provide help with giving your patients an idea of what your organization is about and, most importantly, who you are.

No matter where you are located it is important to continue to cultivate lasting relationships with those who follow your brand. People want to do business with a brand they trust and are familiar with. Trust is established by keeping those relationships thriving and those customers happy. A great way to apply your brand strategy for medical practice in Princeton is to make resolutions with the items below…

Share valuable information and be purposeful with the content you post on your website or social media. Each post is a reference from your organization. Therefore, each should add value to your brand and make its mission more meaningful to followers. Make sure it is something that your followers would want to read about. You could have the best article about why smoking is bad for you, but people have already been shown this over the past years. Because of the saturation of this information in media and currently on social media, it does not add much value to readers because they are familiar and aware of this information already. Also, it does not show who you are as a Princeton medical practice and what makes you unique. Add value to your brand by showing how your organization goes the extra mile, how you continue to better yourself as an organization, and what makes you the preferred practice to visit by ensuring that you have the best doctors in the area on staff. Aside from social media, your amazing staff is something to highlight on your website. Additionally, there are keys time to leverage your achievements and show them on your social media, website, newsletter, and so forth. Everything you do in your brand strategy for medical practice in Princeton should answer the question of why a potential patient should choose you if they are looking for medical services in the Princeton area.

Add a visual component to increase stimulation and interest in those who come across your page. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words”.” And they say that because it rings true! Research from eMarketer published in March 2014 revealed 87 percent of posts with pictures get shared on Facebook. Adding a visual to any picture you post can generate more buzz to your content and make it that much more enjoyable to view. As a part of your brand strategy for medical practice in Princeton, look into trying to come up with a concept that you can incorporate photos into. As humans, we can only read so much before we begin to lose interest and hop on over to the next interesting article. Engage your followers with visuals to catch their eye and make them want to continue reading.

Survey Says… Video is in! Video marketing is hot and will only be getting hotter in 2016! Use this to your medical practice’s advantage! Creating a video to promote your brand or idea will get followers more invested in your brand and get to know you better. Video is completely different than simply reading text. It requires engagement and allows followers the time to become emotionally invested in your brand through a fun and exciting platform. HighQ reported in 2015 that experts believed video would account for 57 percent of consumer traffic, which is four times more than email and Internet browsing! It simply is a no brainer to being using videos more in your brand strategy for medical practice in Princeton.

Thank your customers and patients for their interaction and time. A mention, share or retweet is an endorsement for your brand and should be treated as gold. When someone shares your content on social media, kindly reply back saying, “thank you, we appreciate your feedback!” It is as simple as that, yet it has such an impact on your medical practice’s marketing initiatives. It’s easy to do and gives your organization some sincerity. It’s also a way to reinforce your message or promote something your organization has created. This simple technique could result in frequent interactions and increased patient loyalty. Don’t forget the basic lessons of your childhood by keeping it kind!

Have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2016 year from the CMA Crew!