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Master Public Relations for Medical Practice in Princeton

public relations for medical practice in Princeton

Medical practices are always looking for creative ways to get their name out to current and prospective patients. Advertising is great, social media is important and e-blasts are effective, but there is another way. Businesses often forget about another option- free publicity. This is by no means the easiest way to get public relations for medical practice in Princeton, but it can be one of the most rewarding methods. Imagine a prospective client opening up the newspaper in the morning and reading an article about that features one of the doctors in your practice offering expert advice. Or having your CEO speak at a local chamber of commerce event? This kind of exposure can be very effective public relations for medical practice in Princeton

Lessons in Creating Outstanding Public Relations for Medical Practice in Princeton

The question is, how do you get this kind of public relations for medical practice in Princeton? First, you will need to develop a strategy- opportunities for public relations generally will not fall into your lap. You can get noticed in several ways. You could receive mention in the media, participate in community forums, volunteer or donate to community organizations, becoming active on social media and sharing your expertise via a blog.

Getting your company publicity through a news organization may be achieved in a couple of ways. Your company could get mentioned in an originally reported article or the news you submit will be reported in an upcoming edition of the publication or program. But in order to be successful, you will need to imagine yourself in a reporter or editor’s shoes. After all, news professional generally don’t mention a company simply because you ask.

Think about what might get a reporter or editor’s attention and look at the types of news you have to share. Try to pitch news that shows how your medical practice is unique. Do you offer treatments or services? Has one of your physicians received a prestigious award recently? Think about what differentiates your business from the thousands of others out there.

Consider your target audience for public relations for medical practice in Princeton. Are you a regional medical practice looking to reach prospective patients in the Tri-State area? Or do you draw patients from across the United States? Every medical practice will answer this question differently and that’s fine. Next, think about which types of publications you want to consider — will it be print media, television, online, radio programs? When you have compiled a working outline, then research the names of publications in which you would like to receive placement. Do the reporters focus on subject matters or do they cover geographic beats?

What type of news are you looking to have published? Local and hyperlocal are ideal if want to share news of an employee promotion or significant new hire. If you’re an organization with a staff expert on a subject that’s become a topic of national debate, that news has the potential to lure a much wider audience. Don’t forget to include trade publications.

Most media outlets have seen layoffs and coverage changes over the past several years, but don’t despair. These changes may actually benefit public relations for medical practice in Princeton. Reporters are now being asked to cover more in the same amount of time and that means they often seek out ready made news that businesses can share. Just make sure that you’re targeting the right reporters. As a medical practice, your news will probably appeal to health reporters, to tailor your pitches accordingly.

Contact the media to announce company news. You may want to send out a short media advisory in advance or issue a full press release, but make sure the news is announced in a timely manner. What kind of news should you share? Consider major company anniversaries, a new product launch or a new CEO. Once you send out an announcement, don’t forget to follow up with the reporters directly to secure coverage.

Consider media organizations as partners. Be objective and try to submit news that readers want. If you do that, reporters and editors will be more likely to publish your news. For example, try to showcase your company’s expertise, employee achievements and volunteer work in the community.

How you compile your press releases for public relations for medical practice in Princeton is as important as the content when it comes to getting media attention. Make sure that the ‘who, what, when, where and why’ questions are answered within the first two sentences. Don’t forget the always important question, “Who cares?” You’ll need to articulate why your announcement is news and why someone should be interested. Answer all of those questions or you will risk your practice’s news ending up in the trash.

Here are other ways for your company to get exposure that don’t involve media placements:

Showcase your expertise with a blog. This is an opportunity to position your company and its employees as thought leaders in the industry. Consider writing an online blog using specific keywords to drive search engine optimization (SEO). The blogs should be authored by employees to showcase their expertise in the industry. Post the blog on your website and share the content via your social media channels to help drive additional traffic to your website.

Be active on social media. Garner additional exposure though participation on social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram and Pinterest. Evaluate which channels will work best for your business (for example, if you have lots of photos to share, Instagram would be a natural fit). If you decide to establish a presence on LinkedIn for public relations for medical practice in Princeton, participate in LinkedIn Groups and forums that are relevant to your target audience and industry. When you share content on social media, it’s just another way for your company to showcase its expertise. Sharing content on these platforms will position your company as an expert, which can lead to increased publicity for your brand as your connections begin to like, comment on and share you posts.

Lend your expertise. Seek out speaking opportunities at events —either locally or nationally—is a great way to increase your company’s exposure. Having your company hold seminars or publish a whitepaper on a particular subject also further emphasizes your company’s credibility and expertise.

Get involved in the local community. A great way to boost your visibility is to do a volunteer event at a local nonprofit and share the news on social media. Consider your local chapters of the YMCA, the Boys and Girls Club, Habitat for Humanity and other similar organizations. Your participation will not only help boost your company’s visibility, but also show your practice’s commitment to other organizations and good causes. It’s a great way to do public relations for medical practice in Princeton.

We recommend your public relations strategy include a broad spectrum of options to garner brand awareness. Remember, you would increase your visibility unless you put the news out there. Good luck!