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Newsletter for Doctors Office in Princeton

newsletter for doctors office in PrincetonMany business owners know that an external newsletter can be an effective marketing tool for driving increased brand recognition and knowledge of a practice’s expertise, focus on outstanding patient care and expertise in a specialized industry.

A newsletter for doctors office in Princeton is a great idea. They are not only a great way to stay in touch with patients between visits, but also to offer health tips, discounts and office news. A newsletter will keep you top of mind, something that’s important since the physicians in the practice may only see patients once every three months, six months, even a year.

Do you produce a newsletter for doctors office in Princeton? You can do this in one of two ways: either create a paper newsletter or an e-newsletter. Both will take staff or volunteer time to produce, but a paper newsletter will also require publishing and postage costs, in addition to time.

Newsletter for Doctors Office in Princeton Lessons

As the “Internet of Everything” continues to take over the world, medical practices are looking to expand their digital marketing strategies. You probably already have a website and social media channels. You may even write a blog and that’s great. But is your doctors office getting the results you want? And by results, we mean increased patient retention and an influx of new patients. The trick is to figure out a way to maximize your digital marketing efforts without overloading the physicians and administrative staff in your office.

An e-newsletter is a timely way to disseminate office news, medical articles of interest, referral programs and more. It won’t clutter up the mailbox, and your patients, prospective patients and other medical professionals will have faster access to your communications. Digital communication and newsletter for doctors office in Princeton is hands-down the timelier format for news, updates and announcements. It’s about access, speed and convenience. But it’s also about brevity—concise, cut-to-the-chase content—and the savings on printing and postage are obvious.

On the other hand, a printed newsletter offers more space for depth and insight. If you’re looking to analyze trends, offer ideas and provide thought leadership to your patients, you may want to consider this route. It will help build brand loyalty and credibility. Your company’s e-newsletter hits your recipient’s inbox accompanied by a jumble of spam, other commercial email and inter-office exchanges—a volatile communications environment ruled by a trigger-happy Delete key. What’s more, due to the inherent immediacy of the medium, digital communications do not age well. A high-quality printed piece may sit on a person’s desk to be read or referred to over time, serving as a brand ambassador for your practice. But an e-newsletter has functional advantages over print. The digital ability to instantly link to your company’s website, as well as related information sites or articles of interest can enrich your patients’ and other readers’ experience and regard for your company and its communications.

Better yet, consider producing both a printed newsletter and an e-newsletter. You could time them differently, offering a once-a-month or once every two month e-newsletter featuring news, office promotions and new products or services. That message could then be reinforced with a printed newsletter produced each quarter and which features longer, more in-depth articles and analysis. The e-newsletter will be quick, information pieces of news, while the quarterly publication would showcase the members of your staff as thought leaders in the medical industry.

If you do produce a newsletter for doctors office in Princeton, remember to make it mobile-friendly. According to recent statistics, about half of people now read their emails on mobile devices. And that number is only expected to rise.

What does this mean for your practice? It means, in a nutshell, that if you’re going to expend time, money and energy into producing an e-newsletter (and we recommend that you do, because permission-based email marketing is still one of the singularly best tools that most marketers have at their disposal when it comes to direct marketing), you had better make sure that it’s optimized for mobile viewing. If your final product looks “blah” on a handheld device, then you will be doing your medical practice a big disservice.

Don’t worry — this is something easy to fix, you just need to be aware to address the issue beforehand. Here are some tips on how to maximize your emails so that they’re optimized for mobile devices.

Grab Readers’ Attention: We are all multi-tasking these days. People read their emails while they’re doing other things, be it on the train or elevator during the daily commute, drinking coffee, even first thing in the morning after the alarm goes off. What this means for you is that whatever email you send needs to be catchy in order to nab a reader’s attention within 1-2 seconds. Your message needs to be smart, strategic and the design will need to be amazing! Oh great, you’re thinking, how the heck will I accomplish all that? Relax, take a deep breath and consider the following:

  1. Choose engaging images
  2. Come up with enticing subject lines
  3. Craft pitchy headlines
  4. Employ white space
  5. Bold section headers
  6. Use powerful calls-to-action
  7. Use whatever is in your arsenal to get the reader’s attention for newsletter for doctors office in Princeton


Use a Simple Design and Use Easy-to-Read Fonts: Make your newsletter easy to read. Seriously. Single column messages may seem boring, but the opposite — making readers scroll, drag, zoom and pinch to read your e-newsletters or small navigation bars – that’s an email faux pas. By the same token, steer clear of hard to read colors, long blocks of text and too-small fonts. Trust us, readers will not complain that your emails are not sophisticated enough. And someone will never tell you an email is too difficult to read – they will just hit the delete button so fast your head will spin. You do not want this.

Impart Useful Information: No one wants junk mail. Always keep your reader in mind and offer them something useful- an announcement of a new physician joining your medical practice, new services you offer, discounts or useful articles. The e-newsletters that get results are the ones that provide valuable information and aren’t just a gimmicky sales pitch. Patients give you their email addresses with the understanding that you won’t abuse the privilege- don’t abuse that trust. If your emails impart useful information, patients and prospective patients will read them.

What’s Your End Goal?: Why are you distributing this e-newsletter? Generally, people say there’s a two-fold purpose: to enhance their brand (and stay top of mind between visits) and also to drive traffic to the website of the medical practice. Make sure your emails have a clear strategic agenda, or you could be missing out on an opportunity to get your message out to your mailing list.

Use Professionals: If you’re unsure of how to create a mobile-friendly email that includes HTML or clever graphic design elements embedded, consider hiring professional e-marketing service providers to help with your newsletter for doctors office in Princeton. These providers also have access to information that will be critical as you look to calculate your return on investment (ROI) of producing an e-newsletter. Want to know how many people open your e-newsletter? Want know also know how many people clicked on a link in the email to your website? Both of those metrics, open rate and click through rate, along with other analytic data, can be provided by an e-marketing services provider. Those analytics will ultimately help determine the effectiveness of your e-newsletter project.

Be Thrifty, but Not Cheap: E-newsletters can be an easy and cost-effective method to reach your target audience, and that’s great, but in order to deliver an effective product, consider investing in the best product possible. Spend time to consider the best way to create a mobile-friendly email campaign that looks professional and is executed in a consistent manner. Delivering a top-notch product will ensure that this aspect of your practice’s digital marketing strategy is a success.