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Nestled in the heart of Princeton Junction, New Jersey, Creative Marketing Alliance (CMA) is a full-service, award-winning strategic marketing and integrated communications firm that builds reputation, relationships and return on investment. It creates and manages results-driven marketing programs using MarketectureTM, a strategic analysis that helps clients understand how their company can best be positioned in the marketplace. For 30 years, CMA has provided innovative solutions, which include public relations, social media marketing, publications along with an in-house studio for digital and creative design.

It’s more than “about us.” It’s our art, our craft, our strategy. It’s our passion.


CMA was created to provide an alternative experience to that of a typical marketing agency. We don’t produce for the sake of producing. We’re contextual, we create experiences, we execute with impact and, most importantly, we build. At CMA, we starve your brand’s weaknesses and feed your growth potential. We lay the foundation, fasten the building blocks of ideas, and construct long-lasting, influential and meaningful solutions with a return you can measure. Through integration of the unconditional attention found in a boutique firm and the mass resources available at large agencies, we are the key player in your business’ marketing and growth strategy.


Can we achieve short-term, immediate success? Of course. But the strategic fire in our bellies pushes us to look beyond the short-term… for your sake. It’s a mindset we adopted long ago. It’s how we think, how we connect your message to your audience. It’s how we link the missing pieces to create boundless success for your company.


Business relationships come and go. A partnership is a dedication to your mission. A vow to elevate you above the rest. No matter how short or how long the project, we invest in your company’s mission and showcase it through the most effective means.


Our award-winning, dedicated team leverages decades’ worth of results-driven expertise to bring long awaited answers to our client’s needs. Over the past 30 years, we’ve picked up a few industry tricks along the way. Everything from showcasing our clients in national breaking news to social media that bonds an audience to decision-making collateral pieces – our results are your results.


You grow, we grow. It’s as simple as that. By planting the right seeds and nourishing your potential, we position you as the tallest and strongest against your industry competition.