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We believe "business" is another word for "relationship." And that is how we practice our own unique brand of public relations. PR is a strategic tool that leverages relationships to build brands, which are simply stories that make a promise so they stand out among the competition in a crowded marketplace. Our formula is simple: reputation, relationships and revenue. The better reputation we create for your company, the more relationships you will have, and from a business context, more relationships yield more revenue. What’s our secret ingredient that sets our PR department apart from the rest? We hire former newsroom journalists and editors to create and tailor your unique PR campaign. Who knows news and who understands how the media works better than the individuals who worked in that industry for 10+ years? We get results, placing one of our clients in the news - on average - every 12 hours. (Yes, we are including nights, weekend and holidays.) By diligently and proactively pursuing and generating positive perceptions of your business and your expertise, we create new sales opportunities and reinforce current customer loyalty, while lending credence to your marketing messages in other media.

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  • interpersonal communications
  • media relations
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