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Pump Up Advertising for Doctors Office in Princeton with a Logo Refresh

advertising for doctors office in Princeton
Everyone likes to make a refreshing change every once and a while — whether it is a new haircut or a different color of paint in the living room because it brings the sparkle and excitement back. The same thing can be said about a company updating their overall look and feel. An extremely important way your company can achieve this is through advertising. There are plenty of opportunities and paths to take while boosting your advertising for doctors office in Princeton and it is important to take advantage of a simple, yet powerful logo refresh and branding update. One way to do this is by refreshing your company logo. When done correctly, a logo refresh can evoke powerful feelings while strengthening the brand, indicating a change in direction for the company, new leadership, or any other substantial change.

Ponder the current logo you have:

  •  How long have you had your logo?
  •  Is your branding consistent throughout all your marketing channels?
  •  Does your branding speak to the audience you are trying to reach?
  •  Does it reflect everything you want your brand to stand for?
  •  Has the company undergone some changes recently in leadership or services?
  •  Is your brand recognizable?

Depending upon your answers to these questions, it may be time for a brand refresh. A brand refresh opens the door for owners to listen to their employees and gather feedback about how the company logo is perceived in order to move forward with successful advertising for doctors office in Princeton. There are enormous values in having employees participate in the brand refresh process. It is a great team-building activity for staff and helps them refocus on the company itself. Also, it explores deeply into its ideals and goals. As a doctors office, it is important to have your logo match who you are as a company and what image you want the company to represent.

Princeton is a great location to reach a variety of people as prospective patients. Some other questions to think about for your advertising for doctors office in Princeton are who is your ideal customer? How old are they? What do they value? How do they view health and wellness? For example, the Baby Boomers  may have one impression while the millennials have another, and this is important information for management to understand. Do you have more men or women coming into your office? Who is more likely to bring their children into the office? All these thoughts must go through your mind when doing a brand refresh. If your logo doesn’t speak to whom you are trying to reach, they are probably passing you by. This is potential cliental being lost, which means potential profit not coming through the doors and eating away at your advertising for doctors office in Princeton budget.

While discussion proceeds about the logo, are the right words being used to describe what they see? Are their descriptions matching what the doctors office stands for? Your company has grown and evolved over time and this information and changes can be used to update a brand to reflect minimal shifts in direction or leadership and current times.

How advertising for doctors office in Princeton can set you apart from your competition

For example, one company that updated their logo to reflect a shift in direction and product is American Red Cross. This organization has been around for 130 years and wanted to show its evolution. Their original logo had a simple red cross with black font of their name. The new logo is the red cross within a button. Since this time the American Red Cross has moved towards a grey color. The reason that they did this shift was to show that their employees, volunteers, and supporters are all a part of the company’s participation. This new logo wants to connect the long time members along with the new, vibrant donors. It shows how the organization has become more modern and innovated within itself. However, through all of this, it has still remained authentic to their 130 yearlong mission.

You can do this too for advertising for doctors office in Princeton at your office with the logo update. Expanding your practices? This could cause a need to update your logo to reflect that. While it is significant to be creative with the new logo design, remember you are a doctors office. This means it needs to remain professional, simple, clean, and to the point. Remembering to keep the representation of the essential services you offer could be useful in coming up a logo redesign.

It is essential to make sure your logo and advertising are up to date, especially for a doctors office. People research where to go, what the company has to offer, and its credentials when looking for a doctor to go to. It is personal to the patient, so they want to feel comfortable with where they go. If your logo seems out of date or unprofessional, people will be turned off by this and go look somewhere else. There are plenty of offices in Princeton to go to. A brand that is out of date will not have an edge up on its competitors.

As everyone gathers to review the company, it is an opportunity to revalidate the company’s mission, refocus everyone on what the core values are, and the meaning of the brand and history behind it. It is important while doing a brand refresh to keep it somewhat recognizable to the old one. In the example above with the American Red Cross, they shifted their logo to make it look like a button. However, they still kept the cross and name of their organization. With a thought out advertising for doctors office in Princeton strategy and plan, your clients will see the change, but still be able to tell who the doctors office is.