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Social media for doctors office in Princeton

social media for doctors office in Princeton

Learn Social Media for Doctors Office in Princeton

We all push out content from our website onto social media networks in the hopes of drawing traffic to our websites and offices. The question is, does it work? And how often do you share your content? If you’re like most doctors office, you take an article headline from a medical journal, a link to your office, and some applicable hash tags like, social media for doctors office in Princeton, and throw it up on Facebook, LinkedIn, and any other channels you may use.

If you’re not getting the results that you want, consider sharing your content more than once. On the surface, this strategy may not make sense. “Hey, I posted the content, if someone wants to read it, they’ll click on it.” But then consider how you use social media. Do you always click on an interesting headline about a new medicine the moment you see it? Or in the rush of life do you think you’ll get back to it later. but never do?

Lessons in Creating Great Social Media for Doctors Office in Princeton

Lesson 1: It’s Okay to Share More Than Once. Seriously, this is fine. Just take care to follow some simple rules:

  • Don’t Spam your followers. Posting the same content every two hours? That’s a no-no. Your potential patients, patients, colleagues, and followers will become annoyed, mute you, or even chose to go with another doctors office. That’s the last thing you want.
  • Change how you share your content. The first time- a headline, link and hashtags are fine. But change it up in future posts. For example, quote an interesting fact about your office to draw the reader in, cite a statistic, or give your patients/followers the ability to ask questions. This way the content appears fresh, interesting and you have another opportunity for a click through.
  • Develop a strategic content schedule based on each social network. Each network is different and each will require some thought about how often and how to share the content in an appropriate way.

For example, you may have a blog that says “social media for doctors office in Princeton.” When you first publish the blog you send it out on Facebook and LinkedIn. A simple headline with a link and hashtags.

The next day you may want to post it again on Facebook. Rather than copy the same headline, try “What Princeton doctors office is using social media?” or cite an interesting fact from your blog. As a bonus, add an image to your post. Facebook posts with images attached attract more eyeballs than those without.

On Facebook, you aren’t limited to 140 characters as you are on Twitter. And while you may want to wait several days or even a week to reshare content on Facebook, when you do, excerpt a whole paragraph of the most interesting information. Don’t forget to use hashtags on Facebook, too. They may not be as ingrained on Facebook as on other social media sites, but the last thing you want to do is lose any potential opportunity for connection with your audience.

Tweaking your posts will garner increased click throughs, and that’s your ultimate goal.

social media for doctors office in Princeton

Lesson 2: If You Don’t Have a Social Media Content Schedule, Create One. We cannot stress this enough, especially when it comes to resharing your content. The goal is to share at appropriate intervals and not annoy your social connections. Patients, Colleagues, and Potential patients should be updated often about what is going on in your office. Most of us have a thousand things going on in our minds at any given moment and we would bet you’re the same. Create a simple document that shows what content you plan to share on what days and via what channel. Do this each month and you’ll find that a little work upfront will save you time and energy in the long run. Instead of having to think “Oh, what am I posting on LinkedIn today? Is it time to reshare last week’s blog?” you’ll simply look at your schedule and know immediately what needs to be posted and to what channel. The headline “social media for doctors office in Princeton” is just enough to keep the attention of others and remind them of your office. Some things to consider when creating your schedule:

  • How long is my content shareable? A week? A month? No expiration date?
  • How often can I share on each network? For example, given the volume of posts on Facebook, it’s okay to share two days in a row, but we’d put more time between similar posts on LinkedIn and other social media sites.
  • Reflect on your proposed plan – would YOU be annoyed if someone else shared content on this schedule? Become your followers – if it would annoy you, it will probably annoy your followers.

Lesson 3: Monitor Your Results and Adjust as Needed. After you create your content schedule and follow your posting plan, don’t forget to check your results.

  • Is your content continuing to be liked, shared, and being sent to others?
  • Are posts at certain times of the day performing better than others?
  • Are the number of social media referrals to your website increasing? Remember
    that by posting your content once you may hypothetically receive four referrals from Facebook. But if you tweak each post on Facebook and share the content three different times, you could easily double or triple your referrals with minimal added work. For example, instead of putting, “Social Media for doctors office in Princeton” try “Princeton doctors office” or “Princeton doctors social media.”
  • Are you receiving negative feedback from your readers on social media? This could mean you’re sharing too often, not varying your posts enough, or that the topic has run stale. If you are not sharing enough, try to post keywords to keep it in the viewers mind, such as “doctors office” or ‘princeton.”

It’s important to note that we’re not suggesting your office(s) only create a couple of pieces of content and share those same pieces of content for years. Absolutely not. New and fresh content is important for your brand and your readers. Let your current patients, colleagues, and potential patients see and know how awesome social media for doctors office in Princeton really is. Be smart and publish compelling content to get the most effective mileage you can out of it, while serving your readers at the same time. Give them a look into how your office sticks out from the others and about the wonderful experience they will have while there.

Your social media for doctors office in Princeton should make them want to get the next appointment possible. It should show them the skills, mindset, and drive that your Princeton office has to offer. Also, it should tell them of the new advances, treatments, and overall quality care that you can offer them. By showing these on social media a doctors office in Princeton can gain a huge advantage over competition and help gain patients. There is a wide range of medical offices ranging from hospitals, physician practices, dermatologists, wellness offices, etc. that will see the post saying “social media for doctors office in Princeton” and become intrigued. This will lead them wanting to know more about your office and potentially becoming a patient and/or colleague.