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Spring Interns Take First Steps Into Careers

As a partner in the educational community, Creative Marketing Alliance (CMA) welcomed two college interns to its full-service marketing firm for the spring.

The internships run from February to May and offer students the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in all aspects of an award-winning marketing firm, allowing the students to actively participate in all aspects of their potential careers.

Spring Interns Take First Steps Into CareersStephanie Adler and Sarina Knapp joined the Marketing team here at the office in Princeton Junction. Adler is enrolled at Rider University. Knapp is enrolled at The College of New Jersey. Both Dean’s List students are majoring in Marketing.

So what are the thoughts of the spring-semester interns about what they learned?

Stephanie wrote the following: “My time at CMA went by quickly. This was my first internship and I have learned a lot here. When I started my internship I did not know what to expect in terms of a marketing firm. I am currently a marketing and advertising major at Rider University. CMA let me use my learning’s at school and apply it to a real world job experience. Everyone who I came in contact with at CMA was helpful in explaining and teaching me the tasks that needed to be completed.

“Here at CMA, I got to see how the process of a full service marketing firm works from start to finish. For example, I got to see the start of the project, the approval stages from the clients and then the finish project that was delivered to them. I especially like that each individual client has its own unique project. This furthered my understanding that a career in marketing is tough work and always changing based on the needs of the clients. However, it is extremely rewarding in the end, by making the client satisfied.

“As my career is just beginning, I will be leaving CMA’s internship with a greater understanding and experience in marketing that will help me in my future success. I will use the skills I leaned here, with other opportunities that arise. This internship program at CMA has helped me grow both professionally and personally.”

Our other spring intern, Sarina also shared her experience: “This being my first internship, it was everything I expected it to be and more. I still remember my first day, walking in the front door and seeing a cubical with my name on it. It was finally official, I have entered the ‘real world.’ It may in fact be scary but it happens to everyone at one point. I am grateful that it was with CMA.

“Shadowing Denise Vargas allowed me to see what it takes to get an idea from the drawing board into reality. I helped in any way I could from researching the industry, looking for content for a client, and giving my opinion on visuals pieces the Design Studio created. I even got to decide what content went on a client’s website. Recently, I helped create the invite list, help gather sponsors, and assist in preparation for the client’s grand-opening event. At CMA, I was valued as a creative mind and not someone that could just go get coffee and run errands.

“From my time here, I learned many life lessons. It’s okay to ask questions no matter how stupid they may be. The fact is your new and don’t know everything and that is okay. There was even times were I actually brought something to someone’s attention they did not think of before. That is what teamwork is all about. CMA is so versatile that you might just find yourself all the way across the building talking to someone about a design and follow it through the building from concept to fruition all under one roof.

“I want to thank Denise Vargas and Melanie Kotsonis for giving me a jump start on my career. Without Melanie taking a chance on me I might have ended up serving coffee at another internship. Instead I looked forward to coming to the office every Tuesday and Friday. Time flew by this semester and I was in shock, when I was asked to write this, thinking I still had months left. I guess time does fly by when you’re having fun and getting a great education from a group of marketing professionals who are on top of their game.”