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Web Design for LED Manufacturer

Web design for LED manufacturer
If you are an LED manufacturer, then you are a company who produces lighting systems for various purposes, such as electronic displays and indoor and outdoor lighting for homes and businesses. As a business who provides for other businesses and consumers, it is important to have a website to promote and educate others on what you provide. Having effective web design for LED manufacturer allows your company to display what you have to offer as well as have information easily available for your clients. This information can include the history of your company and how they can contact you. This will save time for both you and the consumer as the consumer can simply go on your website to look for answers to their questions instead of having to call in.

Web Design for LED Manufacturer Trends

With the continuously growing internet, the possibilities are endless when it comes to designing a website. It is important to keep in mind that even though there are endless possibilities and ideas, know how you want your company to be publicly displayed for your consumers. As there are trends in fashion, there are also trends in web design. Consider some of the following web design trends but also keep in mind to choose the trends that are relevant to your company. Keep your consumers in mind and apply these techniques that will benefit them when they are using your website.

One web design trend currently prominent in the web design world is leveraging a minimalist design. This means keeping the web design attractive yet simple to use for the user. It also means keeping your information and content precise and to the point. There is little to no distractions and the content is the main focus. When delivered properly, the minimalist design can create a nice visual aesthetic making the user feel at ease and not overwhelmed. An example of a company who uses minimalist design is Apple. Their main focus is their newest product that they recently launched. They do this by placing a visual as their main focus. Web design for LED manufacturer can incorporate this trend by displaying the products you have to offer front and center with little to no description. The user will be so mesmerized that they will click on the image for further details. The benefits of using the minimalist design is that it emphasizes your content, making it appear to be extremely relevant and important. Because there is little coding involved in creating a minimalist design website, there is little loading time for the webpage to load. The minimalist design also gives an ambiance of sophistication, making your product appear to be of a higher level quality.

Another popular web design trend is incorporating rich animations into your webpage design. Animation gives your webpage a subtle visual flow for the user. Areas of a webpage that use animation are typically loading animations, navigations, menus, hover animations, galleries, motion animations, scrolling, and background animations/videos. Many websites use animation, even if it is subtle. An example of a website that uses animation is Beats by Dre. With each passing image, the image size increases to help show the product features. The benefits of using animations are that it adds a lively and engaging experience for the user which, in turn, creates a smoother visual feedback. It also helps attract and retain the attention of the user.

Typography is seen everywhere – magazines, newspapers, billboards and, you guessed it, webpages. From serif to sans serif to script, typography is the appearance or style of the text you read. Almost all of the time, the heading is always a different font than the text in a paragraph. This helps create distinction between the two different texts. Dramatic typography is another web design trend being used. When choosing a web design for LED manufacturer, you can choose a font that will emphasize your brand logo by choosing a font that will stand out from the rest of the webpage. Picking a font is a very important factor as you can create more emphasis on different areas of the web page. For example, one word of the navigation bar could be bolded while the rest is set at regular. The typography library is growing every day and using type tools like Google Fonts and Adobe Typekit allows you to have access to endless possibilities. The benefits of using typography are that it gives you the opportunity to display your brand identity, enhance your content and gives your webpage a visual hierarchy.

Creating a website is like creating digital art. In order to capture and engage your audience, you should be aware of the vibrant color trend. Like using typography, using vibrant colors helps the user distinguish the content. Using vibrant colors is also visually stimulating for the user and is especially useful for minimal sites. Depending on the color pallets used, it is important to know that certain colors can set the tone and trigger different user emotions. For example, using red hues convey passion or caution like love and fire while using blue hues can create a sense of calmness and stability. Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr all use a blue theme which may add to their success in social media among teens and adults alike.

Devices like iPhones, iMacs and smart televisions that support high-resolution set the standard for HD visuals. To show the best of the best, the images and videos used on your website should be HD as well. Because the user upgrades to the newest devices, they expect the image and video quality to be outstanding. For web design for LED manufacturer, consider taking high quality photos of your products to showcase what you have to offer on your website. To save money and time, combine stock and custom photography. By adding custom photography, it allows more personalization for your website but using stock photos also saves your company money as hiring a personal photographer can be expensive.

To add even more personalization, think about incorporating the illustrations trend when creating your website. It is also an alternative to using stock photos. Benefits of using illustrations include appealing to the user’s imagination creating a personal connection and you have more control over the image choices as you are the one designing them. It is also generally cheaper than using custom photography and illustration visuals are more easily understood by the user. Generally, the illustration trend is just another web design idea to consider when creating your webpage.

A more conceptual web design trend that is growing every day is responsive storytelling. This is a strategy used to only capture the user’s attention and to make them feel engaged as if they are part of the story. It is customizable to the user where the user interacts and “controls” the website. Knowing how to incorporate this design trend will give an advantage no one else has. This is an important web design trend because instead of treating the user like every other user, the user has the power. They can control how the information is relevant to them. This in turn, makes them feel more involved. Web design for LED manufacturer can incorporate this trend by having the user answer questions on the website that can solve their personal lighting issues. It is a whole new level of business to customer interaction.

Overall, knowing how you want to display your company for your webpage, it is important to keep up with the web design trends. While all these trends are relevant in the web design business, think about which ones are relevant to your company specifically. Think about the business’ personal goals and its target audience. Also think about why your customers would want to use your website. Overall, apply these trends to your business’ personal needs and you will succeed beyond the basics.